Life Insurance

Life Assurance ensures that your family and loved ones are protected against financial disaster in the event of a premature death, if combined with additional (rider) benefits you can also receive cash if you are unable to work through long term illness and if you contract a critical illness. Each of these is discussed in detail below.

Combined with investments, retirement and estate planning, life insurance is a fundamental part of a sound financial plan. With our help, you can develop a complete plan that will protect you and your family against unforeseen events, safe in the knowledge that future financial objectives can still be achieved.

Life cover protection policies pay a lump sum in the event of the life assured premature death. The main reason why people purchase life cover is to ensure that their loved ones continue in the lifestyle that they have become accustomed to and not to have to worry where the next dollar is coming from.

Life insurance provides protection for families or even for businesses. What would happen to your business if a key person were to die? What would happen to your ongoing projects? How long would it take to replace this person? All these situations have to be taken into consideration. If an unforeseen event does occur, then your family would want to know that they are at least provided for.

If anything happened to you, would your loved ones have enough money to maintain their standard of living? The answer is probably 'No' since most of us work for income to pay life's expenses as they occur and only after several years can cash be salted away for future expenses like education and retirement needs. If you die before this accumulation of wealth what happens? Protecting yourself with life insurance could be one of the most important decisions you take, it will give you peace of mind knowing you have protection in place for the people you love.


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