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Most employers understand that their employees are the company's most valued asset. It is, therefore, prudent to offer a competitive benefits package to attract and retain the best available staff.

For companies operating in their home market, employing local staff the employee benefits are usually mandated and easy to implement. But for a company operating in a foreign country, multiple countries or simply employing a number of foreign staff, finding a suitable solution can be more difficult.

Pension schemes provided in host countries generally lack international portability, freedom of investment choice, tax free growth and transferability between employers. Hence as executives move from posting to posting, country to country, they will end up will fragmented pension benefits in each country. Domestic schemes often also impose contributions limits and drawdown restrictions.

Globalisation has increased the number of companies operating internationally: this in turn has increased the mobile expatriate workforce. These senior executives are vital to the success of their employers business. Hence having an attractive retirement and protection benefits packages are key components in attracting and retaining a superior quality of staff.

Public awareness of insufficient state benefits is growing. This has increased the responsibility on employers to ensure staff make sufficient pension provision and have suitable insurance protection in place for both themselves and their dependents.

Selecting the best international group scheme, whether it be for pension provision or protection, depends on many varying factors such as the number of members, breakdown of nationalities, working locations, contribution levels and flexibility features required. Our in depth knowledge on a raft of international group schemes, and our access to professional tax and legal advice enable us to identify or construct a scheme best suited to the employers requirements.


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