Pension Planning

A pension is a term given to saving or investing money, weather it be on a regular; add hoc or single investment strategy to provide income in retirement or to have the choice to stop working if we want to.

Most of us dream during our working lives of what we will do when we retire. Sometimes those dreams even help us to see more clearly why we are currently working hard and making sacrifices. However, if we do not take time out of our busy schedules to plan for retirement our dreams will not become a reality. Many of us assume that at retirement we will be able to maintain our current standard of living and also have more time to enjoy all the wonderful things that we are planning. The sad fact is that many of us give no thought to how much money we will need in retirement. In fact there is a great danger that it will become a time of financial hardship and emotional stress.

We are statistically all living longer so retirement can now be a much longer holiday! Having the money to enjoy that holiday is crucial. Consider also what the change in life expectancy maybe in another 25-30 years time, how much larger still will your retirement fund need to be?

Statistically out of 100 men aged 20, by the time they reach the age of 65, 64 will have to rely on family or others for their financial existence, 9 will have sufficient income to get by, 1 will be wealthy and 26 would have died along the way, maybe they were the clever ones!

If you seek professional help and guidance early you can fulfill your individual goals and enjoy your later years.

With Governments and companies no longer being in a sound position to meet all their pension obligations, the emphasis is now being placed firmly upon the individual to plan for their own retirement. Sadly the current pension crisis is simply that the vast majority of people are not saving early enough for their retirement and when they do start the levels saved are not high enough. Every delay of 5 years before you start to save has the effect of you having to save double the amount-think early and save often!

We all know we need to save for retirement and that it can be particularly important if you live and work away from home. You may move from country to country during the course of your career, which will make planning for your retirement even more essential. Wherever you have chosen to live in the world, planning for your retirement is vital if you want to have financial security. With people living longer you could well be retired almost as long as you were working. You will need to plan carefully if you are to sustain a good standard of living when you stop work. Remember, your pension will probably be your major source of income when you retire, so it pays to make the right decision and the best time to do something about it is now.

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